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Constructability Reviews

The production of an accurate, well-coordinated set of plans and specifications is very important to minimize change orders and optimize field administration.

Savannah will perform a constructability review as a cross check of construction documents for accuracy, completeness, and systems coordination issues. This process occurs after construction documents are complete, prior to Contractor bidding.

During this review, we identify potential coordination issues, missed details, time delays, potential liability, and inter-contractor coordination items prior to publishing bid documents. The design team then reviews and implements appropriate changes to the documents.

Studies show that an average project contains five coordination errors per contract drawing. A Savannah constructability review can spot these errors resulting in thousands of dollars of savings in change orders.

Our interdisciplinary constructability review method is an intense cross check of all construction documents. We review each building system independently, and as a whole. This process involves:

  • Reviewing plans and specifications to assess the ease or difficulty of constructing the proposed design with recommendations for practical changes.
  • Reviewing documents for any observed inconsistencies. • Making recommendations for the use of more cost-effective alternative materials or design details. 
  • Making recommendations for specification changes when the proposed specifications are likely to limit competition or cause excessive delays in delivery.
  • Reviewing documents for completeness. Comprehensive and accurate documentation results in more responsive and complete bids.

The goal is to eliminate all coordination problems prior to the start of construction.

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