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Owner's Representation

Savannah’s Owner’s Representative (Owner’s Rep) Services are similar to our Construction Management Services. Design phase services are identical, yet construction phase services can be tailored to protect Owner interest while minimizing the fee.

In general, there are three elements in managing a construction project:

  1. Contract administration
  2. Construction coordination
  3. Project controls

Construction management services include contract administration, construction coordination, and project controls, while the Owner’s Rep services solely involve project controls. The Owner’s Rep will supervise and scrutinize construction activities and report back to the owner with project updates. This requires one person on the project site full or part time. A construction manager needs one or two other support staff to process all of the construction administration and coordination.

Owners use our Owner’s Rep service for several reasons. A general contractor can provide the contract administration such as processing paperwork and contractor pay applications. In terms of construction coordination, the contractor can coordinate site issues and contractors. Therefore, it is optimal to use an Owner’s Rep in the following circumstances:

  1. You have decided on using the general contractor or multiple prime contractor method and you want a person on site to act as your “eyes and ears.”
  2. You want an experienced construction professional to manage the additions or renovations of your facility. This is often the case with owners who have expertise in-house but staff resources are already maximized.
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